Remember Your Memory Tincture

Remember Your Memory Tincture

$15 - 1oz.

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Ginger Root, Ginkgo Biloba Leaf, Tansy Leaf, Rosemary, CBD Cannabinoids

Medical Benefits:
This unique tincture enhances and stimulates your memory.
Tansy encourages the red blood cells to increase hemoglobin.
Hemoglobin carries oxygen to all cells including brain cells, where memory is stored. thus maximizing memory recall. The fine combination of all the other herbal compounds have the potential to sharpen and strengthen memory.

This tincture stimulates the circulation throughout the entire body.
P.S. Some people have reported viagroid upliftings.


“I want to continue using it forever!”

I am writing in praise of Mendocino Medicinal’s product Remember Your Memory Tincture. I am concerned about memory loss, my family history is full of dementia. I thought I would try Wolfgang’s tincture and I have been using it twice daily for about a year. I must say that I think it has been effective. I seem to have less memory lapses, not as much trouble remembering names and other things like “why did I walk into this room”? I want to continue using it forever!

There is note of some viagra like effect when using this tincture, but I unfortunately cannot verify that claim personally.

Thank you much for your excellent products. I have also had amazing experiences with Mendocino Joint Compound.

Richard Jeske