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Kelp Help

Kelp Help

$15 - 2 oz.

Wildcrafted Kelp, Castor Oil, Coconut Butter, Beeswax, Grapeseed Oil, Vitamin E.

Medicinal Benefits:
Reduces inflammation and infections of the skin, including acne and staph infections. Provides healthy iodine to thyroid and thymus glands to counteract radioactivity.

Apply to throat and thymus areas. Especially for children. Use one week before and after any medical imaging. (X-rays, airport security, etc.)

Background Information:
In the last 30 years the level of background radiation has dramatically risen. One of the most damaging results has been thyroid cancer. The increase in medical imaging (X-rays, cat scans, dental x-rays, MRI’s, airport security) burdens the body as well. When we supply healthy iodine for the thyroid, the body does not need to take up radioactive iodine (This is the culprit for thyroid cancer).

Putting ‘Kelp Help’ on the throat area increases the absorption of healthy iodine. Especially children and growing teenagers need the additional protection. Use ‘Kelp Help’ just like sunscreen on the throat. The addition of Tri-Kelp supplies sufficient minerals and healthy iodine to the body.