$28 - 4 oz.

Sea Cabbage, Bull Kelp, Palm Kelp.
(dried & ground to fine flakes)

Medical Benefits:
Vitamins and minerals.

Take one teaspoon daily (mix with water or sprinkle on salad).

Background Information:

In the last 30 years the level of background radiation has dramatically risen. One of the most damaging results has been thyroid cancer. The increase in medical imaging (X-rays, cat scans, dental x-rays, MRI’s, airport security) burdens the body as well. When we supply healthy iodine for the thyroid, the body does not need to take up radioactive iodine (This is the culprit for thyroid cancer).

This combination of kelps supplies an optimal amount of minerals (especially healthy iodine), and vitamins on a daily basis. Nutritionists recommend a daily supplement of vitamins and also MINERALS especially iodine. The natural ‘Tri-Kelp’ helps with this mineral addition to your diet.